Environmental Concerns in Sustainability and Risk Management in Shipping by Greenway Cargo Dubai

With the ever increasing demand for speedy shipping in this fast paced world, safe handling of dangerous goods becomes a paramount concern for the air and maritime industry. In the need to keep up with the high standards required for safety, companies employ cargo concerns in sustainability and risk management consultants to work hand in hand with in-house staff to find ways of optimizing dangerous goods transport safely. Below, you’ll find out how Greenway Cargo focuses its efforts into ensuring proper dangerous goods handling in Dubai to minimise risks they may cause to the environment, and the shipping industry.

Impacts of Dangerous Goods on the Environment in Shipping Industry>

Dangerous goods are substances that can cause harm to human health and the environment. They are transported by sea and air cargo shipping for industrial, commercial, or consumer use. The main categories of dangerous goods include flammable liquids, compressed gases, oxidising materials, toxic and infectious substances, miscellaneous hazardous materials, corrosives materials such as acids and alkalis, radioactive materials, explosives such as ammunition, and gases such as compressed air or oxygen. The shipping industry has been faced with many environmental concerns arising from dangerous goods handling in Dubai, especially with regard to the emission of dangerous goods into the atmosphere. These concerns include:

  • Air Pollution: There are about 1,000 vessels at sea at any one time, and each ship can travel up to 20 miles per hour, which translates into 50,000 miles per year. This means that every engine emits harmful gases into the air every second of its journey. These gases create air pollution and contribute towards global warming.
  • Water Pollution: Ships have been dumping oil into water bodies since World War II when they started carrying fuel and other products on board. This has led to water pollution all over the world because these substances cannot be removed completely by natural processes and are harmful to aquatic life forms such as fish and other marine life forms.
  • Risks to Health: Companies offering transit shipment services in Dubai use large amounts of fuel during their journeys, which results in a number of pollutants being released into the atmosphere every day. These pollutants are dangerous for human health because they contain carcinogenic elements such as benzene.

The main sources of pollution from ship are:-

  • Sewage discharge into the sea.
  • Oil spills due to accidents or operational failures.
  • Cargo fires caused by faulty equipment or cargo fires resulting from accidents or operational failures.
  • Wastes discharged directly into the sea without treatment.

Risk Management in Shipping and Handling of Dangerous Goods

In the shipping industry, the term “risk management” refers to the process of identifying, analysing and controlling risks in dangerous goods handling in Dubai. The purpose of risk management is to minimise the probability and impact of loss events. The main goal is to avoid or reduce losses by using information and technology to identify, analyse and evaluate risks.

Risk management can be used in all aspects of life, including business activities. It is important for companies that transport dangerous goods to have a robust risk management system in place that includes:

  • Risk assessment – identifying potential hazards and assessing their likelihood and potential impact on people and property.
  • Risk treatment – developing plans to address risks identified during the risk assessment phase. These may include training, equipment upgrades or operational changes such as routing changes or communication protocols.
  • Risk monitoring – inspecting facilities regularly for compliance with relevant regulations. Monitoring should also include regular reviews of policies and procedures so they are kept up-to-date with changing industry standards, regulations or technology developments that could impact operations or safety compliance at any time in the future.

Safety First: Tips for Safe Handling of Dangerous Goods in Shipping

The following are tips for safe handling of dangerous goods while shipping as air, land or sea cargo to Russia from Dubai:

  1. Pre-shipment Inspection: It is highly recommended that you submit your consignments to a pre-shipment inspection by a competent authority and obtain a certificate of compliance before shipping. The pre-shipment inspection will help to ensure that the goods can be safely transported and handled without causing any harm to the environment or people.
  1. Packaging: In dangerous goods handling in Dubai the company should pack them carefully as per the guidelines given by IATA/ICAO. Packaging should be strong enough to prevent leakage and damage during transit. It is also important to ensure that the packaging material used is compatible with the contents being carried.
  1. Marking and Labelling: When transporting hazardous materials, make sure they are properly labeled and marked according to international agreement standards of DOT, IMO or even IATA (International Air Transport Association) regulations or other safety standards applicable on international routes. The packaging should also be marked with symbols indicating the type of danger involved, e.g., flammable liquid, corrosive material etc.. The labels should be in English or Arabic and clearly visible.
  1. Shipment Documentation: All documents pertaining to shipment of dangerous goods must be legible and provided as per standard procedures. It is also necessary that all documents are kept up-to-date at all times as they are an essential part of risk management.

The Consequences of Mishandling Dangerous Goods in Shipping

  1. To the Industry

The consequences of inappropriate dangerous goods handling in Dubai can be far-reaching. The industry must take responsibility for protecting the environment and the health and safety of workers. The consequences of mishandling these substances can be devastating and often result in loss of life and property.

  1. To the Environment

Dangerous goods, if not handled correctly, can have a devastating impact on the environment. For example, if a ship carrying toxic chemicals were to sink, those chemicals could contaminate the ocean and seabed. This would affect marine life and other natural resources such as coral reefs. The ocean is a vital part of our ecosystem and any damage caused by mishandling dangerous goods can have a significant impact on marine life and our planet as a whole. 

  • To People

Improper dangerous goods handling in Dubai can lead to injuries or death among crew members as well as onshore personnel who handle these substances at ports around the world. Injuries from handling dangerous goods may also cause long-term health problems such as cancer, respiratory problems and skin irritations due to exposure to harmful substances such as chemicals or asbestos fibres which are present in some types of cargo.

Ensuring Safety, Mitigating Risk and Reducing Costs with an Expert Partner3

The shipping industry is one of the most important sectors in the world economy, with over 50% of international trade conducted by sea and a global fleet of over 100,000 vessels. The demand for sustainable shipping has become increasingly pressing as it is estimated that more than 90% of all goods are transported by sea.

In response to this, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) adopted its first-ever global strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from ships in 2016. The strategy includes measures to reduce emissions from 2020 onwards and recognises the need for further action after 2021. It is clear then, that there are significant environmental implications if the shipping industry does not adapt its practices to meet sustainability targets.

Greenway Cargo is the best shipping company in Dubai with operations around the world. Our expertise in shipping and cargo movement is coupled with our strong focus on the environment and sustainability. We are proud of our environmental credentials, which we have built over a long period of time. As a result, we provide our clients with a unique service that combines speed, cost effectiveness and sustainability – an area where many companies are still struggling to find balance in appropriate dangerous goods handling in Dubai. Connect with us @ phone: (+971) 45644270 or email: info@greenwaycargo.net for sustainable shipping solutions for dangerous goods.

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